Beyond Providing Office Supplies, Indoff is Your Business’ Solution For Quality Materials and Furniture

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When it comes to affordable, quality office supplies Indoff Commercial Interiors has your business covered. We understand what many overhead expenses can seem like costly and inconvenient purchases, which is why our company has created a solution for you! Purchasing office materials and furniture will no longer seem like an inconvenience.

In any business sector, there is a need to provide a reliable working environment where employees can show up prepared to work, knowing that what they need is readily available for them. As a business owner, we make this aspect of running a company easy for you! You can count on us for affordable office supplies, furniture, and office space planning.

Our Company History

Indoff is a nationwide provider of quality commercial interiors with a history of quality and integrity. Our company has been providing seamless solutions for 47 years and going. With such rich experience, you can depend on us to provide you with quality furniture from a wide variety of vendors. We are a $150 million-plus distributor with the customer service of local distributors located all across the U.S. We don’t just have an inventory of products, we work with hundreds of manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide variety of office solutions.

About El Paso Distributor Kim Gregory

Kim Gregory has been in the commercial interiors industry for over 27 years. She serves El Paso and surrounding areas. Her number one priority is providing customer satisfaction. From the conception of ideas to helping clients work within their budget, Gregory is skilled at ensuring the customer gets everything they need and want. She believes that creating commercial interior spaces is more than just giving an employee a place to sit for eight hours. With the right design and colors and comfort, she strives to give customers a workplace design that improves morale and productivity.

Our Company’s Vision

We envision commercial office spaces around El Paso who takes into consideration the needs of its employees and the clients they serve through quality, environmentally-friendly, and reliable office supplies and furniture.

Our Mission

The mission of Indoff is to solve problems one customer relationship at a time. What you need as a business is unique to you and your team. For that reason, our goal is to create personal relationships with each client we serve. When we discover new needs it makes us stronger as a business because we know that viable solutions have a ripple effect, no matter the industry sector it begins with.

The ‘Indoff’ Difference

Quality and affordability don’t always go hand-in-hand. But at Indoff we’ve made it our business practice to provide offices all around El Paso with the office supplies they need to keep their business running. We want your office to be equipped with the best materials and furniture around. The difference in our services is that we take a personalized approach. Your needs are unique and therefore require unparalleled service. You will only experience this level of specialized customer service at Indoff.

Learn More About Our Team and Services By Contacting Us Today

When it comes to office supplies in El Paso, only one team can provide your office with quality materials. From commercial office furniture to commercial office products such as staplers, envelopes, coffee cups, notebooks, and much more — you’ll find everything you need at an affordable rate. Connect with us today to learn more!