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Office Cubicles in El Paso

The workspace has gone through many changes over the years. Office cubicles have come a long way since the 1960s when they were first invented. Lots of manpower and research have gone into the transformation we now see. There are now new options to choose office cubicles that provide privacy while still offering an open feel for collaboration and sharing ideas. The balance between privacy and communication is important.

At Indoff Commercial Interiors, we offer new and used office cubicles to El Paso. This helps us to fit your budget as well as giving you a variety of different style options to choose from.

Cubicle to Promote High Productivity

These dividers are a great solution to optimize space usage. They create a private business space for employees working together but focusing on individual tasks. Our sound absorbing material comes in over one hundred different fabrics, with many configurations to create an environment that employees can personalize. We provide office cubicles with desks attached as well. They come in many shapes and heights so you can decide on what level of privacy and space isolation you need for your work space.

Here are just a few examples of products from the Echo Collection.

Match Your Workspace to Your Brand

Matching your office workspace to your brand is important. The kind of office cubicles you choose will depend on your company culture. Individual sound absorbing workstations might be great for a telemarketing company with limited space. The client on the phone often loses confidence when hearing “boiler room” background noise. The sound absorbing workstations also increase the sense of privacy workers need to focus on their jobs. However, other companies that incorporate idea sharing, constant collaboration, and exchange of information may not work as well with closed off work stations. However, creating a workflow is still necessary. The ever growing variety of office cubicles is sure to provide plenty of solutions.

Kim “the furniture lady” Gregory Is the Office Design Expert

Kim “the furniture lady” does more than simply sell new and used office cubicles in El Paso. Her decades of experience can help you create the most efficient cubicle configuration. Your ideas and needs start out as a blank sheet of graph paper. From there, Kim will offer advice on specific products, colors, and styles. You will be amazed to watch a 3D rendering of the ideas transform to office furniture and cubicles delivered and assembled in your workspace. You don’t have to stress out about creating the perfect floor plan with Kim helping you each step of the way. Call her today at 915-355-0120 to arrange a free visit to your business or a telephone consultation.