beautifully modern office space with glass partitions

Expert Office Space Planning – Kim Gregory Will Provide Excellent Service with 27 Years of Experience

Office space planning involves a lot more than just picking out chairs, desks, and cubicles. If you’d like to go above and beyond, you deserve a customized office space. Indoff’s own Kim Gregory advocates that mindful office space planning will change the atmosphere and productivity within your company. Choosing cubicles or an open floorplan, deciding on the right chairs, or deciding on the proper floorplan can be difficult. With a professional office planning expert by your side, your vision for the perfect customized office space can become a reality.

Open Floorplans Increase Productivity

A recent study done by a design firm found that 75 percent of U.S. offices are opting for open plans. This allows companies to experience more collaboration and transparency between workers. Communication across departments is improving as well simply due to the layout of their office space. The group mentality is challenging normally introverted or even reclusive team members to stay involved and share ideas. Talking over desk space rather than emailing across cubicles is causing more interaction and sharing of powerful ideas. With collaboration comes passionate employees and better morale. You can achieve these beneficial outcomes and more with a customized office space plan from Indoff Office Furniture.

Color Psychology and Your Customized Office Space

Did you know you can influence your employees with the colors you use to decorate your office? Blue and green can evoke a calm peaceful mood. A single red wall can stimulate passionate creativity, while yellow and orange can bring up cheerful productive moods. Of course, too much of any of these colors can have ill effects too. When Kim Gregory works with you to design the customized office space you dream up, she will conduct an intensive interview. She will focus on the mood and atmosphere you want to create. At the same time, she will also take the time to match your office with your branding style.

Hire a Professional Office Design Expert

Kim Gregory strongly believes that you can improve your office morale, workplace productivity, and employee contentment by strategic office planning. Choosing the right equipment, floorplan, and colors can make a huge difference. Once she has a firm understanding of your company culture and your design style she will make recommendations. All of her advice will be based on 27 years of experience in the industry. When you consult with Kim Gregory for your office furniture needs you don’t just get great customer service and quality products. She provides the next level of service that can truly transform your corporate space and increase company morale.

If you want more than just new furniture and the idea of better employee morale appeals to you, contact Kim Gregory today. She will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding customized office spaces and set up a consultation meeting.