Give Your Furniture a New Life With Our Reupholstering Services

reupholstered office chairs in office
Reupholstering office furniture is one of the many ways Indoff is committed to providing viable solutions for office spaces needing the best-priced and most well-made furniture in El Paso. Our reupholstering services take into consideration your desire to preserve your favorite pieces. Whether it’s the office chair you were given when you were promoted to regional manager or the waiting room sofa that consistently gets raving reviews about how comfortable it is — we can give it the second life it deserves!

What Pieces of Furniture Can Be Reupholstered?

At Indoff, we specialize in reupholstering everything from individual chairs, cabinets, desks, shelves, bookcases, and other pieces of office furniture such as conference tables, and sofas. Additionally, we reupholster cubicles and cubicle components. When you contact us about the piece(s) of office furniture you wish to have reupholstered, we will assess whether our team can thoroughly salvage the item. In many cases, we can successfully repurpose the item and make it appear brand new.

The Benefits of Repurposing Furniture

Reupholstering is beneficial for many reasons. For one, you are committing to recycling and reusing material as opposed to throwing it away. It may seem simpler to throw out a broken chair and purchase a new one but you’d be doing a disservice to the environment. Most furniture can be easily rescued with the right tools and craftsmen. At Indoff, our team is versed in office furniture materials and repurposing techniques. We find solutions for all types of reupholstering needs. Through innovation and craftsmanship, we provide the best reupholstering services in El Paso.

Our Process and Timeline

We work efficiently, keeping your business needs in mind every step of the way, and do our best to have your office furniture returned to you as soon as possible. The timeline will depend on the scale of the project, which is based on the furniture’s needs. Reupholstering is a detail-oriented task and since our team only produces quality work, we base our timelines on the labor needed as well as any additional work that is required to fully repurpose your chair, sofa, or desk.

Learn More About Our Services By Giving Us a Call

Don’t throw away your old chair because it has a tear or a broken leg. Give Indoff a call instead. We can make any piece of damaged office furniture appear brand new. To learn more about our reupholstering services, please connect with us today.