Office Furniture for El Paso Business. Let Indoff create the perfect office environment for your company

Desks, chairs, and more

Indoff offers hundreds of choices for office furniture. Many styles, colors, materials, and brands to choose from. Click on any sub-menu item to view selected items in any category, such as:

  • Desks.Of all office furniture, the desk tells the most about the person sitting there. A large desk implies prestige and power. Glass and steel conveys the idea of efficiency (and often “high-tech”). What do you want your clients to assume about you?
  • Seating. The chair you work from also reflects status. However, ergonomics is just as important. Consider a mesh back (and seat) if the office gets too warm. And definitely look at chairs that have adjustable arms, height, tilt, etc. to insure your comfort. After all, the right chair allows you to work for a long time without getting stiff or hurting the next day. More than any other piece of office furniture, a great chair is important for health and increased productivity.
  • Hutches. Keep the items you use often close at hand! Hutches above your desk are great for storing reference books, stationary, family photos, etc…
  • Credenzas.Credenzas add more surface workspace when joined to a desk and can even take the place of a desk. Also, great in a lobby, waiting room, break room, or as a meeting room table. Many sizes, colors, and materials to choose from.
  • Bookcases.Show case your library, legal reference books, product literature, or art objects on a two shelf or ceiling high bookcase.
  • Tables.Tables in many shapes and sizes, as well as multiple color and material options to fit in with your existing office furniture. Several styles of light transportable and easy-to-store folding tables also available.
  • Office Furniture with Recycled and Recyclable Materials.Does your company promote environmentally friendly policies and causes. View a select group of office furniture made with recycled or recyclable materials. Pre-consumer and post-consumer content varies by item.
  • Consignment (pre-owned office furniture). The selection of pre-owned used office furniture changes frequently. Whether you are buying or wanting to sell, visit this page.

Top manufacturers, leading name brands

Indoff offers office furniture and supplies from over 300 manufacturers! Below is a partial list of the most popular brands.


  • HON®
  • Bush®
  • DMi®
  • Mayline®
  • Global®
  • Astral®
  • Virco®
  • basyx®
  • … and many more.



The office furniture purchased from Indoff can be delivered and installed in your place of business days within days of ordering. Why wait? Today is the day to create the workplace that will impress your clients and thrill your employees.

Need help choosing the right piece or suite of office furniture? Indoff offers expert advice. Call Kim today at 915-355-0120 to arrange a free visit to your business or a telephone consultation