Services that ensure you get the perfect furniture and accessories for you

Design services for a perfect office

Indoff design service will help you decide what furniture is best for you

Yes, you can roam for hours at a Big Box furniture or office supply store, but why? Indoff can provide furnishing from over 300 manufacturers at discount prices. And Kim Gregory, The Furniture Lady, has decades of experience. Her strong commitment to excellent service will help you create the perfect office environment that your clients and employees will love.

One-on-One Consultation

The office you work from reflects your business image. The salesperson at the furniture store has no idea about the current space, existing colors and textures, or how your employees work. Kim will listen to your needs, expectations, and what you need to accomplish. She will cut through the thousands of products she represents and show you only those that meet your requirements.

Kim’s Services include complete analysis of your current space as well as understanding what
you want in terms of styles, colors, workflow, tastes. Even your client demographic should be addressed if they come to your office.

Space planning and color pyschology are additional factors. Not only must the furniture fit your space, but it needs to be in harmony to items that you plan to continue using. Such as a favorite antique desk, or the existing paneling or flooring in a leased space.

Kim can also help you with flooring, wall and window treatments, artwork, and upholstery.

Your Indoff products can be delivered to and installed right in your office. Kim strives to make sure all of her clients are delighted with their new office interiors.

Consignment Services

A big question is what to do with the old furniture. Sell it on Consignment through Kim! She has the contacts and expertise to sell unwanted but useable furniture at top dollar. She may even have a buyer right now for that desk you want to replace but do not know where to store. Call her today!

Whether you need design services, a quote, or anything in between, call Kim at 915-355-0120 today to arrange a free onsite visit or telephone consultation.